Using the latest technology and personalized care, our internationally renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons diagnose and treat the full spectrum of diseases affecting the nervous systems of adults and children. Our neurosurgeons use minimally invasive techniques for both brain and spinal surgery to reduce pain and trauma, and our neurosciences critical care unit, which is unique in Chicago, uses state-of-the-art treatments for acute brain injuries and neurological crises.

Our experts provide the full range of treatments for stroke, from strategic delivery of clot-busting medicines to prevent ischemic strokes, to minimally invasive surgical procedures to control bleeding from hemorrhagic strokes. Using sophisticated computer-based functional imaging techniques pioneered here, our physicians can provide 3-D models of epileptic electrical activity, or plot disease progression and recovery, in the brain. The University of Chicago Medicine Brain Tumor Center team provides individualized treatments for the full range of tumors, from benign meningiomas to advanced brain cancer. As leading researchers in the neurosciences, we utilize the full range of neurophysiological, molecular, and genetic tools to discover, develop, and implement the most advanced treatments for nervous system problems.

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