The University of Chicago Medicine is one of the nation's premier destinations for advanced surgery. Our team of internationally known surgeons includes experts in every surgical specialty. Here, we provide the most effective treatments that also preserve quality of life, including sophisticated robot-assisted procedures that reduce recovery time and minimize scarring. We pioneered organ- and limb-sparing surgical techniques for a range of conditions, from bone cancers to inflammatory bowel disease. Our surgeons are often among the first to perform operations that later become the standard of care elsewhere.

Surgeons at the University of Chicago Medicine typically subspecialize to provide focused care. This means that in virtually any surgical specialty, there is a surgeon who has expertise in the surgical care of a specific organ, disease type or surgical technique. Known for our expertise in high-risk surgery, we often treat patients turned away by other institutions.

As an academic medical center, education is a core part of our mission. We're committed to ensuring patients and their families are fully informed about treatment options. We encourage patients to ask questions. Our goal is to provide thoughtful, unbiased recommendations and engage patients in their care.

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